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User Interface and User Experience: a user-friendly structure and matching design.

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Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Building together on your long-term online story.

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Scalable digital solutions that grow with your business.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A technical correct website and relevant campaigns.

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This is how we work

  1. Briefing & getting acquainted

    As a strategic web agency we support companies in their online transformation in terms of strategy, web development and digital marketing. From the get-go our experts engage into dialogue with the client to form an idea of the wants and needs of a project.

  2. Audits and preparatory phase

    At Code d’Or we think along with our clients and support them in their search for a good online strategy and identity. An audit or preparatory phase helps us and the client to capture a vision of where we want to go and what the criteria are for a successful project.

  3. Quote with planning and specifications

    Based on the briefing and/or audits and preparatory phase our experts put together a quote, accompanied by a tentative planning and the necessary specifications. A final planning can only be made when the quote is approved, but the tentative planning gives the client an idea of the lead time of the project.

  4. Milestones and delivery dates

    Together with the client we define milestones and delivery dates. The team works towards these moments and keeps the client in the loop through the project manager when a new milestone is approaching.

  5. Handover and testing

    Each finished component is thoroughly tested by our experts before handing it over to the client. We work together as a team, so multiple colleagues will test the entire project and give feedback if necessary. A project is never executed by only one person, but is carried by the entire team. In a testing environment the client can follow up and test every part of the project.

  6. Deployment

    When all involved parties give their final approval, the delivery of the project is initiated. In the case of a website this is the deployment to the live environment, for a marketing campaign this is the launch. The team makes sure everything runs smoothly and monitors the launch closely. Once a project is delivered a debriefing is held internally and externally and potential next steps are discussed.

  7. Standy-by for support

    Once a project is finalized Code d’Or stays stand-by to monitor if everything is running smoothly. This applies to marketing as well as launched websites. A finished product does not mean we can’t work together anymore.

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