Our designers and front-end developers work together closely to make your website a user-friendly masterpiece. That is why the design and development of our websites, webshops and web based applications are inextricably linked. Our front-end developers determine the structure of the website and make the design come to life.

Within UI/UX we focus on:

  • Information architecture

  • User experience design

  • Responsive development

  • JS/CSS animations

  • Front-end development

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Accessibility

The balance between UI and UX

These terms get thrown around a lot and everyone assumes you know what they mean right away. In summary it comes down to this:

User Experience (UX) has a more analytical view on design and goes beyond the visual. They wonder: how can I build something that gives the end user the most ideal and high quality interaction with your product?

User Interface (UI) is the graphic design, it’s what you can see. UI determines what every element looks like in terms of color, typography and animations.

It has no point to have a perfect looking website if it is not user-friendly. The other way around, something that has top notch usability is taken to the next level by adding a great graphic design. Finding the perfect balance between UI and UX is what our team strives towards.

It all starts with a great prototype

Every captivating design has a clever logic behind it, without any glitches. Creating this starts with listening to you and what you expect of your website.

When it is clear what you expect we set up wireframes that determine the architecture of your website. A skeletal version of your website sees the light of day, without visuals or colors. The wireframe is clickable, to give you a good view of how your website is going to work.

Appearance matters

Afterwards our designers take action. Based on your corporate branding or from scratch, with a lot of motion graphics or minimal, it’s your choice. Your ideas are the foundation of our design. Colors, fonts, visuals or an entire corporate branding? We always design a couple of pages, listen to your feedback and fine-tune until everything is on point.

Picture of Bas Mahieu

"It’s a lot more than some copy-pasting. We give companies a visual identity and a platform to communicate."

Bas Mahieu |  Webdesigner

From static design to responsive website

Do we agree on the web design? Then our front-end developers get to work. They translate the design to a workable website, with well-structured and SEO friendly code in HTML5, CSS and Javascript. They are also responsible for creating a user-friendly customer journey.

Responsive design is the standard, so we code for different screen sizes, from desktop to mobile.

All of our front-end developers have a graphic background, which translates into great web design. Because an image that moves when you hover over it, that’s the little bit of magic that makes the difference.

Striving for a more accessible internet

While developing your project we take accessibility into account: your website should be accessible to people with disabilities. Most people immediately think about blindness, color blindness or motor disabilities. But accessibility is also important for people with limited access to the internet, for example.

The team completed an Anysurfer training, so they can take every aspect of accessibility into account.

Other expertises

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Strategy & Consulting

Building together on your long-term online story.

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Scalable digital solutions that grow with your business.

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Digital Marketing

A technical correct website and relevant campaigns.

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Managing Director & Consultant
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