Privacy Policy

Curious about how we handle your data at Code d’Or? Keep on reading!

We process data conform with the Belgian Privacy legislation and subsequent General Data Protection Regulation.

We want to inform and respect our clients and users of our services and website as far as possible, along with giving them control over what happens to their personal data. We would like to explain in detail which data we collect, why we collect these data, what we do to protect your privacy and how you stay in control.

What are personal data?

By ‘personal data’ we are referring to data which relate to an identifiable person and which:

  • you have provided us with yourself (e.g. by filling out a contact form or by sending our helpdesk an email)

  • we provide you with for using our products and services

  • are provided to us by using our products and services, including the use by end-users

The collected data can be combined to ensure adequate service to your personal needs.

Which data can we collect?

Depending on your particular relation to Code d’Or, we can collect various personal data. Following data could be collected by us:

  • First name and surname: addressing you by your first name is just more fun.

  • Address and residence: sometimes we need to reach you by post for official correspondence.

  • Telephone number: we’d like to reach you by phone if you indicated this in your contact request. This can make things move quickly, but you’re not obliged to fill out your phone number.

  • Company: if you have indicated the company you work for in the contact request, we’ll save this information as a reference.

  • IP-address: through our website we keep track of your preferences based on your IP-address. We do not use this on a structural basis, but need this to ensure we can trace things in our logs.

  • Email address: by filling out our contact form, we keep track of your email address. This way we know where to send our feedback to. Would you rather not receive our emails any longer? We hate to see you go of course, but you can unsubscribe.

We also gather information you have provided to us and the content of messages you’ve sent to us, such as questions and information sent to us through the contact form on our website.

Besides that, we also save data sent via email to the employees at Code d’Or and to the general email addresses we use for streamlining administration, invoicing,...

How and why we use your personal data

All personal data within the framework of our website are collected, processed and used in accordance with the legal provisions for the protection of personal data. This is only used for the services you request and for processing your requests. Reasons why we keep track of some of your data:

Communication: We use the collected data to communicate with you and to make our communication with you as personal as possible. This way we can contact you by telephone, via e-mail or in another way. Via our website you can also subscribe to our newsletter. We therefore keep record of your email address, because how else would we get our newsletters into your mailbox? You can always immediately and automatically subscribe or unsubscribe.

Improvement of our website: We like to get to know our website visitors. When you browse through our website, we use that information to improve our website for you. This data is collected as anonymously as possible: we don’t know who specifically surfs on our site unless you fill out your name on the contact form. We also do not actively look into which identifiable person - as an individual - clicks the links on our website.

Advertising: We can also use your data to show potentially interesting advertisements on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or for Google AdWords. We do this by means of cookies and of course only if you give your permission by accepting (or refusing) these cookies. You can withdraw that permission at any time.

CRM / ERP: We use multiple internal tools that are available to our employees, and in which data is stored in function of our services. This data is only used to provide these services and only in function of the professional relationship we have with you as a (potential) customer or third party. Examples of this use are invoicing, drawing up price quotes, sending maintenance messages for services that you purchase, etc.

How we share your personal data with third parties

Simple: we do not sell or rent your data at any time to third parties that are not part of Code d'Or. However, we use some of your data for our own marketing purposes. Of course, we only do this if you give your consent through the cookies that we offer on our website which you can always do yourself without our intervention. We ourselves would not be pleased if our own data was shared without our consent, that’s why we won’t do it either.

However, it is possible that we have to share information at the request of third parties. For example: calling in legal support and sharing personal data for review, using debt collection services from a third party, sharing data for insurance policies regarding a project, etc.

How we protect your personal data and where we store it

Code d'Or neatly stores your personal data in secure databases. Where possible, and that is almost always possible, our data is encrypted with robust cyphers and a good policy. Passwords are enforced by default, and before anyone can consult data and even then not all data is accessible to everyone within Code d'Or. Only those data that are necessary for our employees to be able to provide the requested services are actively used. Multiple policies are in force to protect data from leaks. In addition, all our employees are proactively alerted to their duties to handle data correctly and are aware of the provisions in the GDPR legislation

Changes to our privacy policy?

This text will be updated if there are additional changes that are of legal importance or that conflict with previous agreements that we made here. If it concerns major adjustments, we let you know clearly.

Your rights over your data?

You are and remain the master of your personal data. Do you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or about your personal information? Do you want to view, change or delete your personal data from our systems? Let us know via Our Data Protection Officer is available to help you with your questions and we commit to responding in an appropriate and realistic timeframe. Your newsletter preferences: If you receive newsletters via e-mail from Code d'Or and you want to unsubscribe, you can do so via our website. We also like to show you how you can manage the cookies that you receive via our website. You can do this here.

Cookie collection when visiting our website?

To help you more effectively, we use cookies on our websites. These are very small (temporary) text files that are downloaded to your computer or device.

Cookies also ensure that you do not always have to enter the same information when you visit our website. In addition, they give us information about how you surf through the website and we use it - with your permission - for marketing purposes after your visit.

You can disable all non-essential cookies on our website, but do know that our website may provide a different experience than the one we had in mind.

Read more about which cookies we place in your browser.