Strategy & Consulting

Our strategists are the masterminds behind the digital transformation of your organisation. You can count on them for coaching and building a clear strategy that states the objectives to all parties involved, and includes how we are going to reach them. This approach leads to an innovative solution that adds value to your company.

Within strategy & consulting we focus on:

  • Digital strategy

  • Functional analysis

  • White papers

  • Interactive workshops

  • Concept development

  • Brainstorms

Welcome to our online playground

Granted, a lot of what we do takes place in a virtual universe. But firstly we are humans doing complex things for other humans. Because in the end we talk to you, your clients and your target audience, not to a computer. We speak Dutch or English to you, and use as little big words as possible. If necessary we explain it to you a second time, with a smile. Above all we want you to understand why we propose certain things.

This is why our first step is to determine what you really want to achieve with your online project. You want things to be different and better than before, you expect more conversions, you want to market your products to the right customers, you want your product or service to become better known,... But how do you go about that? Is a new website the best road to take?

Only when we are certain we try to formulate answers to your online challenges. We work with you and your team towards a precise solution and determine clear deadlines. Step by step we build and check in with you to see if we are moving in the right direction. We determine in advance who makes the final decisions and are transparent in our communication. If needed, we adjust our course along the way: we don’t always know what the future brings and sometimes we have to put our heads together before we take the next step.

Crudely worded: it does not matter to our strategists which sector you work in, or what product you sell. As soon as you take your business online, all rules disappear and you enter our playground: the worldwide web. We are your guide in a constantly changing landscape that evolves faster and faster, and often requires new answers. As strategists we delve into your needs: we can only help you improve if we understand everything to the core.

Whatever your business is: Code d’Or can help you transform it into an online solution that delivers measurable results. We are building a long-term story for our clients, based on substantiated facts and an objective view: implementing change and building an audience takes time.

We go the extra mile

We take our role as consultant very seriously. Which means we don’t think it’s sufficient to ‘just’ build a website. We brainstorm with you, and will keep brainstorming with you.

Think of us as a strategic partner, instead of an operational team: a team of experts that is on your side, but also takes a stance and will keep advising and challenging you, for as long as necessary. We prove our added value when we achieve success together. And can start our next challenge, step by step.

A well thought-out strategy as a foundation

Our consultants and experts help companies anticipate the digital transformation. We like to brainstorm with you and want to understand your problems, and of course we want to help you fix them and improve your processes where we can.

But it does not has to stop there of course: once we have all strategic noses in the same direction we want and can help with the technical implementation.

Want to know what the next steps are? Check out our operational expertises.

Other expertises

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User Interface and User Experience: a user-friendly structure and matching design.

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Scalable digital solutions that grow with your business.

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Digital Marketing

A technical correct website and relevant campaigns.

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Managing Director & Consultant
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